About RGK Mobile

RGK Mobile is a global mobile provider of m–commerce services, specialising in sales of licensed digital content and mobile payment aggregation.

RGK Mobile’s partners include mobile carriers from various countries of the world, aggregators, content providers and rights holders, affiliate networks, and developers of mobile applications and services.

Today we provide our customers with access to aggregation of non-recurrent and recurrent (subscription) payments in 12 countries. 1Click is the priority payment acceptance method, while MO, MT and others are supported as well.

Our own RGK Engine is a complex multifunctional platform that forms the technological core of the company; providing a comprehensive solution to the technical and business demands of managing an m-commerce business. It is a trusted CPA platform providing profitable mobile monetization technologies and serving as an innovative mobile content and payment aggregator.

Thanks to years-long research, close operator ties and our team´s extensive experience, you can now skip the entire logistical process of setting up your business and get directly to the marketing and customer acquisition efforts.

Our priority spheres of operation are:

  • Direct mobile carrier connections management;
  • RGK Engine technological platform development, offering a customizable, comprehensive toolkit for administering mobile businesses;
  • Quality content services development, including providing pre-approved and shared services for a fast start;
  • Local markets regulation.
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