About us

RGK Mobile is a global mobile provider of m–commerce services, specializing in sales of licensed digital content and mobile payment aggregation.

RGK Mobile provides an all-in-one solution that closes the gaps and shortens the mobile content distribution cycle. The visionary solution streamlines integration among five major players—mobile carriers, payment aggregators, content providers, content distributors and media buying channels—and delivers a significantly- improved bottom line for all. RGK Mobile has developed a comprehensive, multifunctional solution consisting of a cloud-based platform for content subscription management, combined with premium services that completely eliminate the complexities of generating and managing mobile content.

RGK Mobile enables operators to offer high-quality content that keeps users coming back for more, allowing new subscribers to sign up with just one or two clicks. Operators don’t need to manage distribution or provide customer support; RGK Mobile takes care of that, so operators have only to collect subscription fees. Billing is greatly simplified through aggregated payment services, integrated directly into the operator billing. This efficient process allows subscribers to sign up for content services quickly, with fewer steps along the way, resulting in dramatically increased user conversion rates up to 20 times.

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