Customer Care

RGK Help is the Customer Care Department of RGK Mobile responsible for processing queries of its mobile apps and services subscribers.

RGK Help works to preserve and increase subscriber loyalty level through its high service quality.

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RGK Help operators' work is based on RGK Engine platform. Once a subscriber starts a call, RGK Help operator prepares for a conversation while a subscriber listens to RGK Help IVR welcome message.

Utilization of unified software infrastructure allows to display customer subscription details in the real time. When the conversation starts, RGK Help operator has already analyzed the details and is able to provide solution for an issue.

The integrated functions of subscriber refund and phone number black list enable our prompt reaction to any problems arising, including fraud traffic emergence.

analyzing partners traffic flow
detecting the problematic affiliate
solving problem with affiliate
adding user to black list

The service of subscriber support outsourcing is rendered to RGK Mobile partners free of charge.

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