RGK Engine

RGK Engine is a complex multifunctional technical platform suitable for all types of businesses operating in the mobile payments and subscriptions market.

RGK Engine is a trusted CPA platform, making the cooperation with content providers transparent and convenient.

  • End-to-end integration with mobile carrier systems including USSDC, SMSC, SIP, Packet Core, Circuit Core, Billing, OTA, Big-data Warehouse, LBS, CRM, ERP, CMS.
  • A comprehensive end-to-end solution for interaction with content providers.
  • Optimization of carrier's technical and human resources: no technicians are required from the operator for typical VAS business tasks fulfilment due to procedure automation.
  • Decreasing regular operating costs through implication of ready-made scripts and automated algorithms
  • Possibility of independent integration with internal test environment on the side of the content provider due to the detailed API and documentation we provide.

RGK Mobile offers an effective opportunity for aggregators to expand their mobile payments processing geography through our direct carrier connections and on the basis of win-win cooperation model.

Being a well-tuned procedure, RGK Engine technical integration takes little time and effort. Our partners get a detailed documentation kit (including protocols for approving mobile services in each specific country of operation).

  • Active contracts and connections with mobile carriers in multiple countries of the world.
  • Pre-approved landing and payment pages.
  • Adjusted payouts and billing.
  • Carrier payouts processing.
  • RGK Help customer support system.

Our direct connections to mobile carriers allow for prompt approving of services on most beneficial conditions. RGK interest is only taken in the form stated revenue percentage, no set-up or monthly fees are required for operation.

Principal advantages of RGK Mobile cooperation include:

  • Access to a new monetization source.
  • Direct access to an ever-growing audience of mobile device users.
  • Development of co-branded services in cooperation with RGK Mobile and mobile carriers.
  • Profitable cooperation conditions and payouts advancing.
  • Professional advice on regulation peculiarities of mobile commerce markets.
  • Well-tuned procedures of mobile services approving.
  • A comprehensive toolkit unifying statistics user interface and services setting board.
  • End-to-end subscriber support outsourcing to RGK Help portal.
  • Rapid start using pre-approved and shared services.

By using RGK Engine available on Revenue Share conditions content providers can create affiliate programs of their own with technical servicing fully outsourced to the platform.

From the very start RGK Engine offers:

  • Active contracts and connections with mobile carriers in multiple countries of the world;
  • Pre-approved landing and payment pages;
  • Adjusted payouts and billing;
  • Carrier payouts processing.
  • Affiliate program platform, including:
    • Owners' and managers' panels
    • Webmaster's and (traffic) arbitrage panels
    • Affiliate payout system
  • RGK Help customer support system (including a dedicated call centre).
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