For Mobile Carriers

RGK Mobile offers high-quality modern content that enhances subscriber loyalty and growth, thus helping mobile carriers increase their revenue.
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RGK Mobile team works with its subscribers from start to finish, removing the burden of generating and managing mobile content.

Including technology
supply and support
Including full
Massive traffic

24/7 SupportMultilingual team to
resolve any issues
Traffic and ADs control,
anti-fraud solutions

Zero Marketing Budget

RGK Mobile’s traffic suppliers include affiliate programs, CPA-networks and major traffic brokers. Thus, no investments on the carrier's side are required to provide effective growth of the subscriber base.

New Level of Transparency

RGK Mobile provides access to RGK Engine for real-time traffic management. The client’s administrator only needs to enter his or her phone number in order to get comprehensive information about a subscriber and his/her actions:

  • Exact date and time of the subscription;
  • Number of successful and unsuccessful transactions and total sum spent;
  • Mobile device used;
  • User-agent and IP address;
  • Source of subscription;
  • History of support queries.

Our automated algorithms allow for any fraud traffic to be detected within hours of its emergence.

Long-term Cooperation Strategy

RGK Mobile’s business orientation is to partner with its clients for long-term cooperation.

RGK Mobile uses a factoring method in settling accounts with its partners. The provided cash gap mounts to the company's four-month turnover. We are well aware that negative customer interaction scenarios increase the risk of loss of the whole base of subscribers’ payments; this is one reason why we pay special attention to customer care.

Since we are aware of the risks of doing business, we focus our efforts on securing stable income in the long run.

Our deep insight into the particularities of local markets, our professional efforts in fraud control, the close working relationship between our call center operators and our technical specialists, our trusted base of audience suppliers, and our unique solutions for internet advertising management make RGK Mobile a trustworthy and effective partner dedicated to long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

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