Protecting Subscribers against Fraud

A February Council «Samena Trends» telecommunications newsletter on RGK Mobile innovative platform-based comprehensive RGK Engine issue-resolving toolkit eliminating fraudulent traffic & exposing high level customer experience.

A platform-connected RGK Help 24/7 customer care system allows simultaneously analyzing and detecting problematic affiliates and traffic, rapidly solving users’ problem. Blacklist and instant refund features are available as well.

Complex approach to resolving subscribers’ problems including issues investigation along with fraudulent traffic isolation and basal VAS market parties’ regulation makes RGK Mobile cutting edge technological solutions a rising trend for the future, where prompt, responsive and transparent care systems will drive a strong single-entity control over content, affiliates and payment aggregation, providing the best customer experience possible.

You could find the full version of Semena Trends on this link: Samena Trends February 2017

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