RGK Mobile's MWC 2017 Report

RGK Mobile has participated at MWC-2017, which held place in Fira de Barcelona for its 10-th anniversary, connecting more than 110 000 attendees from 119 countries.

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Thus, successfully debuting in one of the largest mobile global events, RGK states its’ eager to contribute the global payments market with comprehensive and customizable administering tools, as well as providing recurrent and non-recurrent mobile services of a high quality with a quick & flexible problem-solving system.

“It’s been four fascinating and very significant days to spend in Barcelona exhibiting for the very first time at what is known to be the largest mobile event. RGK team, simultaneously coping with the always-rushing time, have successfully held several hundred of business meetings, moreover, contributed to concluding some important framework cooperation agreements with international mobile payments & services market leading players. – Comments Roman Taranov, RGK Group CEO & Co-Founder”.

Way over 3 000 companies with global perspectives and goals demonstrated their market-changing ideas and products this year. Samsung, Microsoft, Google, Huawei, LG, Nokia and many other world’s biggest brands had their annual biggest launches set on Barcelona’s massive mobile show.

RGK Mobile’s booth has gathered company’s business partners. Ilia Perekopskiy (Co-founder and Business Development Officer at Blackmoon FG) has been introduced to RGK team by his partner Gennadiy Molchanov (RGK Mobile's VP, PR & Corporate Communications). Dmitry Turkevich (Director Business Development at Rambler&Co), Shinta Pratiknyo (Lead Global Market Developer at CLIQ digital), Riccardo Jelmini (Chief Executive Officer at Neomobile S.p.A.), Irina Savina (B2C Director at KCell KZ), Evelyn Chan (Business Development at Axiata Digital Services) were among others who made a visit for discussions and negotiations.

The 8.1 «Mobile App» Hall which gathered the utmost of what Mobile offers to international market under its’ roof, was a gorgeous combination of the industry-shaping mobile operators, content providers, aggregators and mobile app developers.

RGK Mobile – a self-operating RGK Group branch company – presented its’ own white-label multifunctional technological platform RGK Engine. It is the company’s cutting-edge CPA platform, which suits the needs of all types of businesses operating in mobile payments and subscriptions sphere.

“RGK global business goals are now forwarded towards further strengthening and development in the international mobile payment and subscriptions market. We will keep our focus on customer satisfaction and care, forming trustful relations with carriers, partners and affiliates, - declares Andrey Rumyantsev, RGK Group CBO. – We are determined to change the global mobile payment market for the better: complete openness, transparency and the highest services’ quality should become a-must for all the players worldwide. Our strong core will hopefully guide this transformation and help us expand even further”.

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