RGK Mobile on Telecom Leaders' Summit 2017

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The SAMENA Telecom Leaders’ Summit 2017 was the eleventh in the history of the Council. The theme of the summit was “Aligning Visions to Meet the Demands of the Digital World.”

The summit made it possible to bring together top telecom and ICT executives and decision makers from both the private and public sectors. More than 150 prominent industry figures, experts and professionals, including heads of regulatory authorities, chairmen and CEOs of leading communications service providers and industry influencers, took part.

RGK Mobile’s founder and CEO, Roman Taranov, and its Board Member, Marjam Lindsbro, represented RGK Mobile at the summit.

Mr. Taranov, together with Mr. Bocar BA (CEO of SAMENA Telecommunications Council and the conference host), discussed the future of the VAS market and the possibilities of its long-term stabilization. Special attention was brought to the issues of security and fraud protection.

"Accelerating the digital economy for building a better-connected world was evident in every aspect of the SAMENA Telecom Leaders’ Summit 2017, which I feel privileged to have attended. The gathering of so many distinguished leaders, experts and industry CEOs was an amazing opportunity to share and gain insight for further development and success in telecommunications and digital industries." - Roman Taranov, Founder and CEO of RGK Mobile

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