World Telemedia 2017 Marbella

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A first-time participant in the event, RGK Mobile had set to meet up with other vendors including mobile operators, content providers and ad networks, adding them on to the company’s ever-expanding platform, now covering 30 countries, around the world.

“While a rather small event, we found World Telemedia to hold a great significance for RGK’s line of business. In about 3 days of meetings, that came in the form of booth walk-in’s, Meat Market and quick dating, we have gathered a substantial amount of new partner leads, already materializing into new business opportunities, shortly after the show” – Commented Roman Taranov, RGK Group CEO & Co-Founder.

“We continue to develop the Telemedia industry’s key pitch [to verticals] of “how carrier billing & engagement technologies can drive value added services and help monetize content”. We’re also building ever stronger links with the vibrant world of Affiliate and Advertising Networks in order to help Merchants & Content Owners understand how to maximize these powerful routes to market.”- World Telemedia

Asked to discuss RGK Mobile’s deep experience with VAS and content distribution, Vladimir Yuzvak, B2B Sales Executive, lead a panel session, discussing virtual content providers- speed to market, additional incremental revenues and new business opportunities, all emerging as content provision moves to the next level.

As a Gold Sponsor at the conference, RGK Mobile also had the honor to host one of the events’ Platinum parties, bringing together hundreds of participants in a casual setting, which allowed for further business discussions, in a laid-back atmosphere.

“RGK Mobile is now aggressively pursuing the Western European market expansion, forming close alliances with local operators, which allows us for direct carrier billing integrations”, said Alex Pankratov, COO, RGK Mobile “direct billing allows for better transparency across the content subscription process, an easier sign-up for users and in return- significantly higher revenue levels for all players involved. Bringing that ecosystem together was our vision when we created RGK and we are ecstatic to see this dream coming to life, one market at a time.”

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