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Interested in launching your own Mobile Content Subscription business but find it complicated? Struggling to grow geographically or push the limits?

RGK Mobile offering gives you the necessary White-Label framework to minimize time-to-market and to cut costs on each step of establishing the business worldwide. Start earning on Day 1 with Virtual Mobile Content Provider opportunities!

Core components

acquisition platform

acquisition platform

The RGK Engine is a high-end 360-degree mobile content management and acquisition technology suite which combines an affiliate marketing platform, user acquisition tools (including SMART-Link) and a reporting dashboard, providing transparency and allowing you to accurately evaluate your business KPIs.

The RGK Engine is multi-lingual and provides cross-platform interfaces. The platform is delivered as SaaS and can be accessed anywhere; you pay no additional hosting & maintenance monthly fees for it.

Carrier connections

Carrier connections

RGK Mobile cooperates with carries around the globe and provides linkage to VMCP clients. Once a deal with a new carrier is singed, it appears in RGK Engine for each VMCP client at no additional cost and becomes available for traffic monetization.

premium content

premium content

RGK Mobile distributes more than 5,000 line items of high quality content via web portals with premium membership area. The key advantage for VMPC clients is to respectively create custom landing pages to launch exclusive 1Click offers. For a smooth launch RGK Engine is already pre-populated with 500+ landing pages to make use of.






Online games

Health & Lifestyle

Video Streaming


customer care

customer care

Multi-language 24/7 customer care with unlimited usage guarantees low complain and chargeback rates. Subscribers are offered a self-service via web portal or comprehensive support via toll-free local numbers in native language.

RGK Help works to preserve and increase subscriber loyalty level through its high service quality.

multilingual support
support numbers
Fast operator
Quick query

Business intelligence,

Business intelligence,

Full business intelligence support while launching new markets including country data, average KPIs’ (churn, billability, CR, LT, LTV, etc.) best active «landin pages», creative guidelines and much more. We will provide you with all the data necessary, to launch successfully, from day 1.

The market review team uses multiple tools including local physical mobile devices, to analyze advertising campaigns, identify best practices and identify violations, in order for Virtual Mobile Content Provider to avoid paying panelties and ensure the usage of the best creatives.

Key Benefits
Partnership type Publisher or Affiliate Network Virtual Mobile Content Provider
Promote RGK’s offers Through VMCPs only Yes
Create exclusive offers Not possible Yes
Define CPA rates Not possible Yes
Offered Revenue Share Low rates Top rates
Customer Acquisition and Tracking Tool Stand alone marketing software and branding are required at additional cost White Label RGK Engine platform is provided with no hosting, maintenance or update fees
Cost for clicks and conversions Additional costs are applied by tracking software company per click or conversion No co-payments — unlimited clicks and conversions. Free built-in Anti-Fraud
Business KPIs analysis Most KPIs shall be calculated manually aside 100% transparent visibility right inside the system next to each affiliate, landing page, etc.
Masspayment to affiliates External accountancy and payment processing is required May be initiated in RGK Engine
Cash gaps Regular payment delays by carriers Safe- scheduled payments by RGK
RGK Support & BI Not possible Personal manager, tons of data and tech team

With quick time-to-market, specialised software, premium content offering and carrier agreements in place, the Virtual Mobile Content Provider is your best investment opportunity to kickstart your own mobile content subscription business. We've got it all figured out for you so you can start making money today.

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