For Content Owners

RGK Mobile offers content owners an effective revenue increase through gaining access to new markets and making the most convenient payment methods from mobile phone account available to their subscribers.
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Expanding International Coverage

Today RGK Mobile provides access to the mobile payment markets of 12 countries. Expanding and multiplying direct carrier connection possibilities makes RGK Mobile major focal point. RGK do not primarily pursue the quantity, but lays special emphasis on the quality.

Pre-approved And Shared Services For Quick Start

RGK Mobile provides opportunities for rapid mobile traffic monetization through the use of pre-approved and shared services.

RGK shared services ensure accelerated business start. In this case partner's basic task is limited to attracting targeted traffic to our ready-made and use-proven solutions.

Pre-approved services, as opposed to shared ones, are branded for the particular partner's company. Pre-approved solutions are available on turnkey conditions where RGK provides full technical, marketing, juristic and legal support for operating the service.

Profitable End-to-End Solutions

Our direct connections to mobile carriers allow for prompt approving of services on most beneficial conditions. RGK interest is only taken in the form stated revenue percentage, no set-up or monthly fees are required for operation.

Support of All Popular Mobile Payment Methods

RGK Mobile supports 1Click-, МО-, and МТ-based mobile payment technologies. Our expertise in the most effective and advanced practices for increasing conversion is at the content providers’ service.

Quick & Seamless Integration

Being a well-tuned procedure, RGK Engine technical integration takes very little time and effort. Our partners get a detailed documentation kit including protocols for approving mobile services in each specific country of operation.

RGK Engine Comprehensive Service Platform

By using RGK Engine available on Revenue Share conditions content providers can create affiliate programs of their own with technical servicing fully outsourced to the platform.

Learn more about RGK Engine for content owners.

24/7 Subscriber Support

RGK Mobile undertakes full subscriber support for mobile services. RGK Help Customer Care Department includes several call centers with a multilingual team.

Content providers can manage subscriber queries in the real time due to customer queries processing being integrated into RGK Engine.

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