12 APR 2017

RGK Mobile at TelecoDays Prague 2017

The two days’ conference took place in the center of Prague at Mariott Hotel. RGK Mobile team discussed market trends and collaboration possibilities with T-Mobile, TEO, FN Tel, FSE Consulting and other companies.

RGK Engine, an outstanding trusted CPA platform, was presented by Vladimir Yuzvak, RGK BDO. Companies from Europe, MENA and South Asia were impressed with the demonstration of the platform capabilities.

The event gathered more than 200 attendees from 36 countries all over the world.

TelecoDays CEO Armen Poghosyan discussed the future transformation of TelecoDays events with Andrey Rumyantsev, RGK CBO and Alexey Pankratov, RGK COO. Parties found more ways to cooperate closely.

Each visitor of RGK Mobile booth received useful business souvenirs.

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