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RGK Mobile offers content providers and aggregators access to the most advanced mobile payment technologies available today; making the subscriber’s sign up process into a short and effective one thereby increasing conversion and bottom-line revenues.

Direct Carrier Billing
Mobile Originated
Mobile Terminated
Direct Carrier Billing
Mobile Originated
Mobile Terminated

Profitable end-to-end solutions

RGK Mobile’s direct integration with mobile carriers allows for prompt approval of service subscriptions, under preferable conditions.

RGK’s own revenue is received in the form of revenue-share. 

Grow your mobile payment processing globally. RGK Mobile now offers access to direct mobile carrier billing in 7 countries, with licensed mobile content services covering 12 additional countries.
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RGK Engine

Our trusted CPA management platform makes RGK’s cooperation with content providers and aggregators into a streamlined, transparent process.

Partners can access a detailed documentation kit, assisting them though the service integration process. In addition, full transaction and traffic flow reports are available, further enhanced by free access to our 24/7 live Customer Care team.

Top Benefits:
Easy and powerful API integration;
Detailed reports and comprehensive analytics;
Adjusted payouts and billing;
Professional support and regulations-related documentation.

Customer Care

RGK Mobile provides full customer support to all its partners, through its own RGK Help team, consisted of globally-distributed, local call centers, and multilingual support representatives.

All data concerning incoming subscriber requests and calls is available to the service provider, which allows him to analyze traffic flows, monitor user satisfaction and react, if needed, in real time. Providers are also given the option to download complaint details into their own third-party system, using the API.

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