RGK Mobile technological solutions are combined into the high-end RGK Engine platform that represents all-in-one cloud-based software.

Mobile payment technologies:

Pin Submit

1Click (DCB, wapclick, OneTap, Wap Header Enrichment) is the priority method with best conversion indices. The user confirms the transaction by pressing the action button. RGK posesses extensive experience in providing ready-made solutions in the sphere of 1-Click payments accepting for mobile carriers.

Click2SMS is a technology operating on the basis of Premium SMS (MO). The charge-off occurs at the moment of user's sending Premium SMS to a dedicated fixed-price short number. This solution is used for non-recurring payments as well as for initializing subscriptions.

PIN Submit is based on MT SMS. The user states his/her phone number at the site, gets a PIN code in an incoming SMS, and confirms the transaction by filling in the received PIN code. After entering the PIN successfully the user gets an incoming SMS about the transaction made; the charge-off occurs at the moment of user's receiving this message.

Our data exchange technologies include:

  • SMPP
  • JSON
  • PostBack
  • HTTP queries

Both Postback and API variants are supported for operating RGK Engine. Detailed documentation is available at the partner panel after registration.

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